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I'm an academic librarian, working in the UK Higher Educational sector, supporting academics and students. Prior to this, I was a researcher, working with social and learning technologies.

My interests include the application of emerging and traditional technologies, research support in libraries, learning spaces, evidence-based practice and the professional development of library and information workers.

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Update on conferences, work and course

May 28th, 2009

Old computer at EssexThis blog’s been a little bit quiet recently as I’ve not been feeling too good: for some reason one of my symptoms has been weird vision when looking at screens (I can see them but my eyes are a bit weirded out by long exposure) hence the lack of updates!

Lots has been going on, however. The best news is that I’ve received a funded place at Mashed Libraries 2009. This is one of those fancy unconference things looking at mash-ups within the library field. I’m really excited about attending. I don’t have much experience in any kind of library technologies: the shot on the right shows the nearest I got to library tech in my last job, a new computer to access our old-fashioned LMS. However my enthusiasm for social networking, my love of playing with random software and the bits of my PhD involving representing and supporting homework through lots of different technologies should be pretty relevant.

On top of this I’ve been recruited to work on an HEA funded synthesis of research alongside members of CILASS, the University of Sheffield’s centre for Inquiry Based Learning over the summer. Should be interesting and a way of keeping up my research skills and giving me something other than my dissertation to think about over the next few months.

Other than those exciting pieces of news, the most thrilling thing in my life has been the gradual erosion of my coursework deadlines. At the time of writing I’ve only got two more pieces I need to get done, and hopefully things will keep ticking along. In fact, I’ve got some editing awaiting as I speak, so off I go!

2 Responses to “Update on conferences, work and course”

  1. Laura says:

    Hi Katie,

    Hope you’re feeling better, the eye thing sounds like the absolute last thing you need right now! Congrats on getting the sponsorship to Mashed Libraries: I got one of the other student places, so I guess I’ll see you there! Should be fun – I know nothing about library tech either, so it should be a good learning experience.

    BTW, is that Millennium showing on the screen in your pic? We have that at the library I work in at the mo, I hate it with a passion!


  2. Katie says:

    Thanks, I’ll look forward to meeting up at Mashed Libraries!

    Yes indeed that’s Millennium, it’s what we had at my graduate trainee year library. Evil stuff. Although it did make me weirdly nostalgic for my earlier computer years when all interfaces looked like that!

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