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Read-in at Beeston Library, Nottinghamshire

February 7th, 2011

Read-in-ers at Beeston Library

Read-in-ers at Beeston Library

I went down to my local library in Beeston this weekend with a couple of friends to participate in the read-in protest taking place, addressing the cuts to public libraries taking place in Nottinghamshire (we’ve been spared closures but book budgets and opening hours have been slashed).

There were several readings about books and libraries, organised by local independent publisher Five Leaves Publications, which were lovely, and a bigger crowd than I’ve ever seen packed in to the library. My only regret was that the services libraries provide other than books were given a back seat for the day, but I guess having a single clear message is a valuable stance for this kind of event.

Once the readings were over, we were encouraged to take away as many books as we could – I managed a paltry seven of my 24 book allowance, but couldn’t face carrying any more back to my house (we were on foot and it’s over a mile!) despite bringing my sturdiest librarian bag for the occasion.

I thought my haul was a great illustration of the diversity of public library stock: two fantasy novels, one collection of short stories, a travel guide for my summer holiday, a book on knitting, the music to the first season of Glee, and the graphic novel Tamara Drewe (on which the film was based) all of which I genuinely wanted to read. Hopefully I can carry them back in shifts!

There’s still plenty of opportunity to get involved if you weren’t able to attend a read-in or other protest last weekend: why not check out the CILIP guide to Save Our Libraries Day for ideas?

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