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I'm an academic librarian, working in the UK Higher Educational sector, supporting academics and students. Prior to this, I was a researcher, working with social and learning technologies.

My interests include the application of emerging and traditional technologies, research support in libraries, learning spaces, evidence-based practice and the professional development of library and information workers.

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Two new roles

April 1st, 2016

It’s been a long while since I updated this blog, but I’ve always liked the idea of it charting my experiences right the way through from my graduate traineeship, so I’m not sure I’m ever capable of leaving it completely. There’s been a lot of changes as well as time passed since my last post, as I have moved through two new roles at a new institution.

Room hosting Engineering open access drop-ins

One of my first activities as a research librarian: Open access drop-ins for Engineering during Library Research Week.

I started working at the University of Nottingham in September 2014, following a restructure of the Libraries, Research and Learning Resources department, relieving me from my 5 year-long commute to Leicester! As part of the newly formed Faculty and School Engagement team, my role involved strategic engagement with the Faculties of Engineering and Science. My time in this role was fascinating, if short, giving me lots to reflect on around on community engagement and library leadership. My team wrote a paper on our approach, which we’re still hoping to publish – I’ll share news here if it emerges.

An increasing demand for research support from the library here has meant another change in our structure, however, and I’ve just shuffled sideways into another new role! In March 2016 I became a Senior Research Librarian, focusing on the Faculty of Engineering, in an expanded Research Support team. It feels strange to leave behind Science, my ‘home’ faculty from my pre-librarian days, but I’ve been enjoying learning about Engineering disciplines since I moved to Nottingham, there are plenty of familiar and shared elements to Engineering from my research background and previous roles, and I’m happy that both Science and Engineering will now be getting dedicated support.

Since the latest changes, I’m enjoying being focused on the delivery of services again, and pleased to be an official ‘research librarian’, given my long-term interest and enthusiasm for library support for researchers. I’ve also been able to revisit my interest in bibliometrics, satisfying the statistician in me. I’m looking forward to seeing where my new role will take me.